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commercial landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

Avondale Landscapes have acquired an esteemed reputation for commercial landscaping. We have carried out works on pharmaceutical factorys, large construction sites and local county concils. We are Experienced in a Permit to work policy which carried out by a number of our clients.


Due to the nature of our work, often in close proximity to working machinery and other hazards a proactive approach to Health and Safety matters is at the core of the company.
Our company’s safety statement outlines safe systems of work to our employees who are also encouraged to continually strive for a safer workplace through highlighting any issues or concerns as they may arise.

A safe working environment for our staff and our clients is maintained through:

  • Continual staff education & training with regard to safety and health
  • Maintaining a clean & orderly work site
  • Regular check-up and maintenance of equipment/machinery
  • Most up to date and appropriate equipment for job in hand
  • Site specific risk assessment prior to contract start
  • Regular review of H&S policies by external consultant.

Avondale Landscapes carry out all aspects of soft landscaping including:

  • Site clearance,
  • Earthworks,
  • Topsoiling,
  • Seeding,
  • Turfing,
  • Tree planting,
  • Ornamental shrub planting.

Our staff have vast experience in assisting with the sorting out of specification issues, programme and budgeting requirements.

Screen & Structure Planting

We have successfully undertaken screen and structure planting along motorways and roads, around business parks, pharmaceutical plants.


Preparation cultivation and seeding of large open spaces including:
  • Sports fields
  • Roadside verges
  • Turfing

Tree & Shrub Planting

Working with the leading landscape architects and planners we have many year’s experience in the planting of ornamental trees and shrubs for any environment including:
  • High profile business parks
  • Urban parks
  • Civic spaces
  • Housing developments
We are also experienced in the handling of mature trees from the selection process with the client architect and specialist grower nurseries to the implementation and planting on site.

Wild Meadow Development

We have successfully developed a number of wildflower and native grass meadows. In order to ensure successful and long term establishment of the meadow, we are involved in:
  • Sourcing of the seed mixture
  • Cultivation and the seeding works
Maintenance and management of the meadow

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